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A PSK31 Chat Box

The PSK Chat Box presented on this page was developed for the Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) by Leo PA0LEZ and Ivo PA1IVO. Connect multiple PCs with a PSK31 application to the chat box, and let the people behind the PCs chat to each other. No radios involved, no licence requirements.


The electronics are designed by Leo PA0LEZ.

PSK31 software

There are many ready-to-use software applications available for PSK31. A nice one with a nice 'super browser' overview of all PSK31 signals is PSK31Deluxe.exe (copyright 2002-2004 Simon Brown, HB9DRV, software taken from http://www.ik6ihu.it/download/indexdownload.htm). This is version 2.3 which is a small stand-alone version without additional installation. Use is completely at you own risk, but at several PCs it runs fine.


PSK Chat Box inside view
Inside view of our PSK Chat Box.

Front connectors PSK Chat Box

Audio front connectors of our PSK Chat Box.

Front connectors inside of PSK Chat Box

Front connectors inside of our PSK Chat Box

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