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ANWB-walk "Woudenberg - Loofbos en landgoederen"

ANWB Wandelroutegids Nederland ANWB Wandelroutegids Nederland This page shows a few pictures of walk number 48 out of the many nice walks described in the "ANWB Wandelroutebox Nederland" (ISBN 9789018029944), near the town of Woudenberg, The Netherlands. The box is available from the ANWB or for example from bol.com. All texts are in Dutch.

The distance of the walk is 11 km.

Some pictures of the walk

Here are some pictures of the walk to give you an impression, taken in March 2012.

Walk Woudenberg Valleikanaal

North East of Woudenberg, with a view towards the "Valleikanaal".

Walk Woudenberg Valleikanaal

Small stile on the dyke path along the "Valleikanaal".

Walk Woudenberg Valleikanaal

Dyke path along the "Valleikanaal".

Walk Woudenberg De Boom

Near "Landgoed De Boom".

Walk Woudenberg

Nice views near the end of the walk.

Walk Woudenberg Griftpark

Scenic house ("Griftpark").

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