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ANWB-walk "Veenendaal - Van Gelderse Vallei tot Nederrijn"

ANWB Wandelroutegids Nederland ANWB Wandelroutegids Nederland This page shows a few pictures of walk number 51 out of the many nice walks described in the "ANWB Wandelroutebox Nederland" (ISBN 9789018029944), South of the town of Veenendaal, The Netherlands. The box is available from the ANWB or for example from bol.com. All texts are in Dutch.

The distance of the original walk is 8.5 km. We decided not to start in Veenendaal, but in Elst ("Zwijnsbergen" street) at the "Plantage Willem III", and extending the walk with 2.5 km to 11 in total.

At the original start of the walk, but for us halfway, there is a pretty good restaurant called "Restaurant & Lounge bar 3 Zussen", formally known as "La montagne", and in the route description wrongly stated as pancake restaurant.

Some pictures of the walk

Here are some pictures of the walk to give you an impression, taken in June 2013.

Walk Veenendaal Plantage Willem III

Our starting point of the walk at the "Zwijnsbergen" street.

Walk Veenendaal

Some deer at the Plantage Willem III. It turned out that our extention of the walk had some pretty nice views!

Walk Veenendaal

Horses at the Plantage Willem III.

Walk Veenendaal

Along the walk. Looked like a combination of human intervention and storm damage.

Walk Veenendaal Kwintelooyen

Nice views over the Kwintelooyen former quarry.

Walk Veenendaal Kwintelooyen

More views over the Kwintelooyen former quarry. Yes, you have to walk all the way down....

Walk Veenendaal

One of the many gates during the walk.

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