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Welcome to my homepage! I created some pages with a bit of information about me, and more information about my hobbies. I hope some of the information will be useful for you, and if you have a question or remark, feel free to contact me. Below you see an overview of all items of my homepage.

Amateur Radio

Amateur radio
Overview of all amateur radio pages: QSL Info PA1IVO - Portable Repeater Controller - Portable Satellite Operations - Portable Antenna Mode V/S - A Multi-purpose Portable Setup - G-5500 Elevation Rotor - TH-D7 - PSK31 Chat Box


Overview of all pages about electronics and micro controllers: Share Your Morse JOTA kit - My Morse Guide kit - Wave Lights kit - Sound Kit kit - Celsius kit - Kettu Multi


Overview of all software pages: Programming DRA818U

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities
Overview of all outdoor activities pages : ANWB-walk near Baarn - ANWB-walk near Woudenberg - ANWB-walk near Leersum - ANWB-walk in and around Linschoten - ANWB-walk in and around Leerdam - ANWB-walk South of Veenendaal - ANWB-walk around Heeswijk-Dinther - ANWB-walk between Soest and Soestduinen - Mountain walk Amerongse Berg - NS walk Hart van het Groene Woud

Things and Gear

things and gear
The things and gear pages will be added later.

Other Stuff

Overview of all other stuff pages: Interessedag Amateursatellieten - Share Your Morse badge

About me

About Ivo Klinkert
Overview of all pages about me: Contact information - Satellite Orbit Determination with GENSO

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